2013 Softball Challenge Recipient

November 16th, 2013 – In 2012, Cpl. Maney’s wife Linda had surgery to remove a large malignant tumor near her heart and underwent aggressive chemotherapy and radiation. The doctors are still unable to locate the source of the cancer and will continue testing for at least the next five years. Currently, Linda has limited use of her hands and arms making everyday tasks difficult. In May 2013, Cpl. Maney had surgery to remove a tumor after which, a second surgery was necessary to stop internal bleeding. This caused Cpl. Maney to develop an internal infection, a large abscess and a staph infection which is still unresolved. Due to his and Linda’s medical issues, Cpl. Maney has missed numerous days of work and has already taken 108 days of unpaid leave. The past surgeries and the uncertainty of future health complications continue to cause a tremendous emotional and financial burden on the family.

This year’s second recipient is CSP Lydia Taylor. CSP Taylor has served the Palm Beach County Sheriff’s Office for the past 15 years. CSP Taylor is a loving wife to Deputy Napoleon Taylor who has served the Palm Beach County Sheriff’s Office for the past 28 years. She is a wonderful mother to three boys: Willie – 22 years of age, Marcus – 13 years of age, and Darion – 11 years of age. CSP Taylor was diagnosed with breast cancer in 2004; she underwent treatment and was pronounced cancer free in 2006. Unfortunately, June 16, 2013, she received the dreaded call: the cancer was back – this time stage III aggressive breast cancer. CSP Taylor is currently undergoing treatment which is causing a tremendous emotional and financial hardship on her and her family.